How To Get Gmail Stickers

In case you’re a Gmail fan, did you know there are great stickers available? It is almost as cool as the Santa Claus Gmail Account or the new Gmail Voice and Video Chat.

Yes, I believe its origin dates back to a Gmail engineer breaking out his/her vinyl cutter going crazy with her Gmail m-velope (envelope) sticker ideas. The result was that everyone was using these stickers to adorn their desks and office walls. They were even sticking it on their laptops! Gmail definitely has some fans – and not just in their employees.

When one Gmail employee was traveling, a person sitting next to him asked about the stickers and where he could get them, so Gmail began to make more of their stickers for the general public.

Gmail Stickers

Featured in the list of stickers is the standard Gmail m-velope – finished with a layer of glitter. Another is the bookplate style sticker that you can stick almost anywhere, from a book to your skateboard. And there’s a sheet of shortcuts for your keyboard and it’s designed to teach Gmail’s shortcuts. The adhesive on it is not as thick, so it can be easily removed once you’ve learned them.

Although Gmail is a major player behind rapidly progressing Internet technology, they’ve decided to go old school with snail mail in case you want to get your own stickers. You would need to include a stamp to return a sticker pack via U.S. mail – $0.42. Send your self-addressed envelope to:

Send me some Gmail stickers already

PO Box 391420

Mountain View, CA 94039-1420

Source: Gmail Blog