How To Set Up Google Friend Connect On Your Blog

Google Friend Connect

Google comes out with Google Friend Connect, a new innovative solution to group your social network to allow your visitors to connect your Blogs and increase your network. The steps to implement this are really super simple and you don’t need to have any programming knowledge.

Step 1: Add your site name and the Blog’s URL which is the top domain name


Site Name: Walyou

Home URL:

Step 2: You will be now asked to upload two files to your Website’s root folder which is “Public_Html”. Simply download those two files from Google named rpc_replay.html & canvas.html.

Step3: After uploading these files to your root folder, go back to Google Friend Connect setup and click “Test And Finalize Setup” to finish.

Now the setup is over and you can get access to different new gadgets by clicking the “members gadgets” option. There are most customizable options like changing the size of the gadget, colors, etc. Just click the members gadget option and edit your gadget that best suits your needs. Once you are finished click “Generate Code” and re paste it in your blog. You can use this either on your blog posts or sidebar and can attract your visitors to become members of your site / blog and get connected.