Guiness Baseball Hat with a Bottle Opener

Try thinking of some extra frills that a super-duper functional cap can carry-headphones, a head massager, or probably some hidden pockets? Guinness is better off with a much peppy idea. Naah, No bottle opener keychains this way, but an actual Guinness Baseball Hat with a Bottle Opener.

I think this is a refreshing change from the usual Golf tournaments and Disco parties organized by most of the alcohol brands. This cap has a metal hook right on the brim to break open the bottle caps, and the makers have done their work pretty neatly. It is available for $25, which is reasonable for a Guinness brand-stamped cap and something that negates the need to keep a bottle opener handy. It is a great practical product, just like the previous USB Flash Drive and Bottle Opener combo.

Via FoolishGadgets