Geeky Christmas Ornaments Collection

This Geeky Christmas Ornament Collection is a great list for those that are always trying to out-do last year’s tree and decoration. It may not be for a complete house decoration, but more than a few Geeks would love to get their hands on these Christmas Ornaments to hang on their tree, on their rearview mirror and some may even want to have it above their bed.

With Technology becoming more and more innovative, even Christmas has an abundance of New Gadgets, so these Christmas Ornaments for Geeks is another way to profess your love for Tech, but contain it within a Holiday Spirit.Who knows, maybe we can get the head honcho to step away from the Santa Gmail Account and hang some of these on a few of the visitor’s trees.

Predator Christmas Ornament

I’m not sure if many kids would love this Predator Christmas Ornament, but many Sci-Fi fans could not resist its beauty. It is raw, scary and definitely nostalgic.

Image: AlienExperience

Star Wars M&M’s

Star Wars and M&M’s…what a sweet Christmas Combination. With C3PO, Queen Amidala, The Emperor and Darth Vader given a candy look, no one can deny the power of the force this Christmas.

Images: Starwar-fanclub

Spock, Captain Kirk and Harry Potter Celebrating Christmas

Spock and Captain Kirk seem out in space this Christmas. Hanging around the Christmas Tree with a young Harry Potter, they make a perfect Christmas Ornament for lovers of the old TV show and Fantasy Books.

Image: LittleReviews

Boba Fett Christmas Statue

Boba Fett would probably be voted the coolest Star Wars character ever, and in this amazing Boba Fett Christmas Statue that would go perfect at the bottom of your tree. Armed with a candycane, he would guard the gifts until Christmas Day.

Hellboy Christmas

Hellboy always seems so composed…not! For some odd reason though, having a Hellboy Toy hanging on your Christmas Tree seems kind of like an Oximoron.

Image: ComicsReporter

Futurama Christmas Ornaments

With teh different Futurama characters coming around this Holiday Season, one thing is for sure…Evil Bender Santa is nowhere to be seen. At least we would be rocking around the tree.

Images: MWCToys

Yoda and Darth Vader Christmas Ornament Balls

Some more great Star Wars Modifications for this Christmas Season. Simple, Elegant, somewhat childish, but the fans are not going to care this season.

Via: GeekAlerts

Christmas Ornaments Musical M&M’s

Beautiful M&M Musical Ornaments light up and sing you a song. This may be a benefit if you would rather the spotlight of singing caroles taken off of you.

NES Video Game Console

The NES will never ever be forgotten…ever, and as an additional reminder, we get a little replica to hang on the Tree for everyone to know how much we truly love the classic Nintendo Video Game Console.

Image: GeekSugar

Playstation Controller Ornament

This is simply a great Do It Yourself Christmas Ornament. Take an old used up controller that is not dependable for gameplay…and guess what? Hang it up.

Image: ThreadBanger

Star Wars Christmas Ornaments

More Star Wars Christmas Ornaments, but these one are definietly dressed in the right spirit. Darth Vader got the Sant Claus cap, Han Solo with the misseltoe (who does he want to get a kiss from), and Boba Fett is ready to light it up with the decorations.

Player 1 Video Game Controller

For no apparent reason, a new video game controller was created for the only purpose of Christmas. Perhaps just to profess the love, maybe to add some more color, either way…definitely will be different than the colorful shiny ornaments we usually see.

Image: Gamertell

Classic Superman

The Man of Steel also wants to be part of your Christmas Ornaments Decoration. Standing firm, standing tall, he will not be moved until the tree is taken down of course.

Image: HollywoodSuperheroes


The Dark Knight strikes a pose over his shiny light and ready to make sure that the Chrirstmas spirit is not broken by any outlaws. The one below is more like the classic Batman we grew up on…the theme just got stuck in my head.

Image: BolmitsModels

Image: Amazon

Miniature LED Tree

Somewhat Geeky, somewhat Christmasy, this LED tree seems like a garage toy that Steve Jobs and Woz would have created if they taken a break for Christmas.

Image: 7Toys

Recycled Electronics Trees

A great way to celebrate the Holiday by recycling old electronic circuit boards and making Tree Ornaments out of them. Simple, cute, and rather inexpensive.

Image: Geekologie

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