Giant Lego Colony Spaceship is Spectacular

Science fiction fans would love the Giant Lego Colony Ship constructed by Thomas Grassman and his son Sebastian just like the Lego Watchmen Nite Owlship Replica. This Lego ship is similar to the Huge Lego Aircraft by size, but looks more like a mechanic snake and less like a space vehicle.

Perhaps the Lego ship would come to use if one is planning to colonize desolate and dusty planets after the air pollution back home becomes lethal. The duo has not indicated how many people could be transported in the ship on immediate notice, if such a calamity on earth should arise.  Nevertheless, I must say that this is one of the most detailed and huge space travel and science fiction inspired Lego models.

One can only wonder how many blocks of Lego were needed to build this mean looking Lego Creation. The model even comes with Lego weapon launchers fitted in the front; maybe the father-son duo was thoughtful enough to consider the dangers of alien predators lurking in the darkness. The model is good enough to inspire future space colonists to build ships that would help earthlings domesticate extraterrestrial lands.

Via: Gizmodo