iPhone Coffee Table Design

You know I couldn’t afford an iPhone when it first came out, but this iPhone Coffee Table is screaming ‘functionality’ into my ahead. I get the feeling a lot of people are going to want this Concept Coffee Table, whether they are into caffeine beverages or not.

Make no mistake; this is no luxury coffee table that you would just use for serving coffee, it’s much more than that. It even comes with its own coasters that are removable; very similar to the iPhone coaster from the iPhone Concept Designs.

As far as the manufacturing goes, the iPod coffee table is made entirely of corrugate and then glued together with white glue – kudos to the simplicity in construction!


The only thing this Apple-lover’s coffee table is missing, is actually touch screen sensors and maybe a computer in the middle. That would be just out of this planet! This one was made by iLounge readers Tuan Nguyen, Ken Thomas and friends. A good idea that goes a long way.

I’ll leave it to Steve Jobs to churn out an iTable that can include functions of a laptop and/or a wireless speaker phone.

Source: Geeky-Gadgets