Nikon Digital Camera Cake: Nikon D700 to be Exact

This beatiful Nikon D700 Digital Camera Cake looks too good to actually eat. It may be sweet, attractive and cause your taste buds to work overtime, but it is a beautiful and a totally creative food design.

I’m not much of a photographer and do not know the difference between this Nikon D700 or a Sony DSLR-A900, except for the Brand name on it…and, oh yeah, the Nikon D700 Camera is a cake.

The story of this Nikon Digital Camera Cake is really simple: the husband of Flickr user Fsumaria has decided to surprise her with this cake for her birthday and then also added an additional gift. What is that added present? An actual Nikon D700 Camera. What an awesome surprise!

I am not sure what to commend the husband on more: the creativity of the cake or the entire ordeal? the surprise of the Nikon Camera Cake or the actual Nikon D700? Some husbands deserve praise, and I hope this one received it.

Via: Gizmodo