Grass Cellphone Design

This Grass Cellphone Design should go under a bizarre new gadgets category.

The world took its own time to make paper bags as an integral part of its shopping habits; looks like consumer electronics are walking on the same footsteps with a Bizarre Cellphone Concept in mind. With perils of toxic waste looming mankind, the world can’t afford to have stuff which stays longer then the users themselves do.

It struck the designers that the tech-stuff should go-green, not with Plants set atop Gadgets, but by being actually made of natural materials. So when you chuck your obsolete gadgets, mother earth would be more than happy to be their graveyard. The Natural Year phone made up of hay speaks candidly about this idea. Imagine if the environment guys actually took this seriously and went a step ahead making it as mandatory standard for our big Corps. Tech-Giant, you better keep your fingers crossed.

Via YankoDesign