How To Feed Your Dog with the iPhone

Would you like to learn how to use your iPhone as a remote control Dog feeder, similar to the iPhone RC Car Remote?

If you are a regular Walyou reader you have had the chance to read about vast collection of Automation of different products like the Automatic Faucet for your Cat or the Automatic Dog Door. Today, most of you have your beloved pets and of course many also own an iPhone. The tricky part is that you may always have your iPhone with you, but your beloved pet isn’t always around. An intelligent student named Stephen is a PhD student in Biomedical Engineering at the University of Florida, decided to combine the two; so although you may not have your Dog with you, it doesn’t mean you cannot feed it.

If you enjoy Remote Controls, your iPhone, and love your pets, this cool DIY is a wonderful solution to bring all together. With it, you would be able to feed your dog or cat while away with your iPhone. Kind of like a feeding remote control.

Stephen made use of the ioBridge’s smart boards, which is an Internet interface that requires no programming skills from users. The ioBridge software will either set up an online interface page for you, or spit out Javascript commands for you to embed into your own site.


Here’s the list of things that he used:

Here’s what I used:
ioBridge I/O module
ioBridge servo smart board
old CD spindle case
cardboard scrap
large syringe plunger
scrap wood
webcam (just used for visual confirmation that treat was delievered)
Cygnetengineering explained the process of this project and also added that it took under 90 minutes, which hopefully wasn’t too long for Stephen’s dog Cooper to wait for something tasty. Don’t worry, you won’t need to have programming skills simply just a basic understanding about how to connect electronic stuff will do.
So go ahead and give your doggie a treat!