Cool Mouse Mod from Bones

A Mouse Mod made by blogger Daniel Pon features a computer mouse made of rat skeleton bones.

You might be familiar with Steampunk Designs like the Steampunk Mouse Mod, but this is something that might make your skin crawl. Yes, you guessed it, this mouse mod made from actual rat bones gets the award for the “most churning up” as in nauseating Steampunk mod design ever.

Daniel Pon went all out rebuilding his five-button mouse, when he realized he had a rodent skeleton with him. If you look at the picture below, you can see the skull of a mouse lighting up, every time you move it. How weird is that? The skull is conspicuously placed under a metal rib cage that works as a place to put your hands so you can maneuver this carefully detailed Steampunk mouse. On top of the rib cage is an acutal mouse spine. This is one surrealistic ‘mouse’ – isn’t it?