iPhone Retro Phone DIY Project

The iPhone Retro Docking Station converts your old phone into a resting place for your iPhone.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve always been crazy about the retro phone look. And this retro phone idea seen at FoneJackerHacker is great because it combines a nostalgic feel of a phone from the 1940s with the modern design of the latest in touch screen phone technology, the iPhone. Fantastic idea overall.

You might be familiar with the Carboard iPhone Docking Station. Although this is a neat concept for saving money, it doesn’t come close to the the inspiring image of a Retro phone. Another concept in antique looking phones is the Steampunk phone, offering just the basics.

Getting back to the retro phone docking station, this iPhone docking setup has 16 watts of additional speaker power, and this is bound to make some very cool sounds when your iPhone is hooked up to it.

The rotary dial phone fitted with the iPhone speaker dock has a 10w speaker behind the dial located on the front side of the phone, and two speakers on the retro phone’s handset (2 x 3w). This system also has an infrared sensor on the side of the phone. This is also where the controls are placed. The docking port is well camouflaged under the receiver when the iPhone is is off the system.

In totality, a great theme for the great times we’re living in.

Source: HackedGadgets