Cool Penguin Air Purifier Gadget

The Cool Penguin Air Purifier Gadget is a cuddly looking device that would help you to breathe-in clean air. The product is listed under the name of Crane Five Stage Air Purifier. Even earlier, we have seen posts where New Gadgets have been designed to look like animals.

The Teddy Bear GPS and the Bear Computer Speaker that we featured earlier would most certainly appeal to children and the Gorilla Ashtray Gadget would appeal to adults, unless your child decides to get evil earlier than necessary. The Penguin Air Purifier is child friendly and helps everyone in the family stay healthy thanks to its ability to remove 99.7% of allergens and airborne germs which are the main culprits behind respiratory infections and diseases.

The ‘cute’ gadget air purifier comes with HEPA Filtration and UV Germicidal Light and can not only eliminate allergens and germs but also smoke and common household dust. As the device is child friendly, it makes no more noise than a whisper and shuts down when tilted over. Ergonomically designed, the elderly, the children and adults can use the device easily without any hazards and costs $89.9. If you are feeling a little nasty, you could choose the mean shark model instead of the cute and cuddly penguin one.

Via:  CraziestGadgets