Geeky Lego NES Mod

Lego NES Mod is a throwback to the era when we used to grab those bright colored building blocks with the same zest as we played with the NES. Now, a smart alec has modded a NES and LEGO building blocks together and the resulting case is something that is syrupy and nostalgic. This apparently was a project to create a case mod for the NES with the help of those adorable building blocks from LEGO.

This also reminds me of the Wiimote Mod from Hemp which looked interesting enough to try it ourselves at home. If you are really into NES cases and mods, the Top Computer Case Mods and the Geeky NES Coffee Table might just interest you. However, what amuses NES fans the most is the color of the LEGO blocks chosen, that bright red color which always was the color most of us from that generation chose.

The Lego NES Mod is fully functional and also comes with additional status lights, which definitely is an added attraction. Nevertheless, it sure is a great way to spend a boring Sunday afternoon glossing over the mod and the good times you had with your previous NES and of course the LEGO building blocks.

Via: Gizmodo