Star Wars Millenium Falcon Sled for Christmas

Christmas is just around the corner and the Millennium Falcon Sled has been announced at the right time when it is going to snow in bounty. Those of you who love Star Wars would also know that Cool Gadgets and Gizmos created for Star Wars and based on it’s characters are always cooler than anything else. The Millennium Falcon Wii Mod, Cool Star Wars Mods and the Star Wars Christmas Ornaments are all examples for the popularity of Star Wars among both fans and non-fans.

The Millennium Falcon Sled is shaped so and can seat only one person. However, it comes with enough safety gear to avoid other sleds and crafts whizzing past your way. This sled definitely looks way cooler than the classic and old-fashioned ones and when it comes to a Star Wars themed gadget, we are always preferential.

Get yourself or a friend this sled for Christmas and it is going to be the best gift you will ever buy yourself or to someone else. The Millennium Falcon Sled costs $34.99 and would be available in the market in about 2 to 6 weeks. That definitely is a long wait but patience always bears the sweetest fruit and the fruit couldn’t get sweeter than the thrill of rushing down a hill on this sled.

Via: OhGizmo