Halo Video Game Theme Wedding for Xbox Fans

Would Halo fans like to go to a Halo Themed Wedding? It seems it would be so much fun that you do not have to be an Xbox 360 fan to actually enjoy the costumes, the invitations, and the characters which are invited.

Desirai Labrada, aka SickNdehed and John Henry, aka Psycho vandal have met ONline while playing Halo 2. They are both extreme Xbox fans and began their relationship while playing Xbox Live. As Psychovandal began protecting SickNdehed during Gameplay and chats have blossomed, the two eventually met in real life…where a beautiful gamer relationship ensued.

From there, they have decided on an Xbox themed Wedding, more exact a Halo Wedding where the two can profess their love for eachother and the popular video game everyone is familiar with. Although the countdown is set for January 17th, 2009, where the two will join in Halo Matrimony and stick together through thick and thin…and Xbox repairs (as John has mentioned).

Meanwhile, you can take a look at their site entitled “A Match Made in Halo” where there is a real time countdown to the Halo Wedding including images of the invitation, preparations, and background story of both is.

I wish them all the luck.

Via: MTV