Hitman Electric Gadget: Fun Office Prank

The Hitman Electronic Gadget Attack is a cupboard ambush to scare away co-workers at office just like the Office Computer Prank we have featured. The Electronic Hitman goes by the name of Hal and is trigger-happy and is only too willing to snuff out the lives of those who dare to enter his path.

He could be hidden in a cabinet or a corner and when he senses movement, Hal reveals his Tommy gun and starts shooting while screaming in a scary manner. You could sit back and watch the fun while the co-workers get the fright of their lives and drop whatever is in their hands. The Electronic Hitman comes with motion sensors, Gun Motion and flashing LED. Hal can blurt out 5 kinds of tough gangster kind of phrases. The toy runs on 3 x XXX batteries and is ” tall.

At $19.99, the Hitman Electronic Attack from ThinkGeek.com is one office prank toy that you just won’t be able to do without. If Hitmen aren’t your cup of tea, you could consider the Ugliest Facebook Picture Ever and also the Windows Prank. However, the Electronic Hitman Attack is cool enough to scare the cr** out of your co-workers and snicker behind the door.