iPod Breathalyzer: iBreather and FM Transmitter

The iBreather for the iPod is both a Breathalyzer and FM Transmitter.

With an increasing number of people channeling their enthusiasm on the road, it isn’t a good idea to for you to lose control over your car because of after-work-celebrations. So how about having a quick check of your breath before you spin the steering wheel. The iBreath iPod Breathalyzer and FM Transmitter will help you being extra careful.

This iBreather iPod accessory lets you blow into a dedicated wand for 5 second or more and then lets you know whether it is safe for you to occupy the driver’s seat. If not, you could let your friend do the needful while you lay on the backseat and feast yourself on FM radio, which is this New Gadget’s secondary function. There is a timer here which can be adjusted in the time bracket of 1 minute to 8 hours to tell drivers when they can drive again. The price of $79 is nothing to keep you away from all the after-math of drunk driving.

Via i4u