The Self Balancing Table Robot

If you couldn’t get enough of all the Robots we have featured earlier, you would definitely love the Self Balancing Table created by a Japanese engineer. The table can stand on its own, deliver food and even play a tune while it brings the food right where you are standing. The bot works with the help of infrared light sensors, gyroscopes and can be controlled remotely. The best part is, future generations of the table are already wireless.

The Self Balancing Table makes me conceptualize a sort of robotic restaurant, which is managed by Robotic Hands and Robotic Legs along with the Robotic Chairs. Eerie as it may sound, the future seems like it is going to be dominated by Robots.

I can visualize robotic waitresses running purposefully around the restaurant while the Self Balancing Table and other bots listed above create a cacophonist atmosphere. The Robotic Chair may assemble itself just as the waitress leads you to the table. The Robotic restaurant of my dreams definitely sounds exciting, but I do not assure you of an equally efficient Robotic manager to take your complaint if the Self Balancing Table short circuits after spilling the wine or water.

Via: HackedGadgets