Xbox 360 Controller Finds Stolen Xbox Console

What would you do if you came back to your room and found your Xbox 360 was missing? Would you go on a hunt for it? That is exactly what Ryan Ketsenberg set out to do using his Xbox 360 controller.

When returning to his dorm room, Ryan found that his Xbox 360 video game console was missing…stolen more like it. He turned on his Xbox controller and noticed it was still receiving a viable signal and, after some walking, when it was not. By some clever thinking and quick deduction, he was able to pinpoint the correct floor the Xbox 360 was at and finally finding his true and original console.

This is a pretty fun story reminding me of a child losing his/her puppy. The thing is that in this story, the puppy is an Xbox console, the owner is a college student, and the controller found its mothership…or something like that.

Via: Kotaku