Guitar Hero Giveaway at Asylum

Asylum has announced a great Guitar Hero Giveaway Video Game for the Christmas Season that actually ends on December 31st, 2008.

The three prizes for this Asylum Guitar Hero Giveaway are free copies of Guitar Hero World Tour Video Game for Xbox with one grand prize of an additional $200 Gift Certificate at GameStop.

The rules could no be any simpler, I mean, you do not have to beat some Guitar Hero Prodigy that would make you cry, just tell Asylum the funniest and best Rock n Roll name you could come up with (not crude, lewd or offensive). Now, as easy as that is, the difficulty is probably choosing which one to submit.

You could check out the Asylum Giveaway Official Rules and get ready to Rock.

[Note…this Giveaway is NOT here but at Asylum’s site]