Top RC Gadgets for Christmas

As Christmas is arriving soon, most are stressing about what Christmas gift to get their loved ones, friends, and what could even fit in the Christmas Stockings. We have gathered a list of amazing RC Gadgets that would make perfect Christmas Gifts for children, teenagers and adults…we all would love to have a little fun in the office. Some of these are small enough to fit in the stockings, some not, either way, they are great choices that won’t break the bank.

Tomy I-Sobot RC Gadget

What would this list be without a Remote Controlled Robot? This RC Robot has over 200 phrases and words pre-programmed, along with different movements for your entertainment. Even better, it is controlled by either a remote control or even some voice commands. Now you can own The World’s Smallest Humanoid Robot.

MicroFly Tiny RC Gadget Hovering UFO

Aliens do not necessarily have huge motherships, take for example this Tiny UFO RC Gadget for Christmas. Hailed as the smallest RC toy, it hovers, spins, flashes, and will fit in a child’s palm.


RC Gadget Flying Saucer

Speaking of RC Gadgets, here is one I found at DVICE that can grant hours of fun indoors and outdoors for all the kids right on Christmas day. This nifty Christmas Gadget flies and spins as well, and is developed so it can keep steady and controlled. Since it is a little more sophisticated that some others, it is not necessarily perfect for everyone but additional info can be found at the ProductPage

RC Gadget Flying Pterosaur Ornithopter

So this one seen at Automata combines a Dinosaur from the past and RC technology of today to make a great Flying Gadget for your kids to learn about History in a fun way. It is available at Amazon.

Cyber Surfer RC Gadget

TechEBlog introduced this Cyber Surfer RC Gadget that seems like it was taken out of some 80’s Sci-Fi comic book, but hey…it does actually fly. For those Christmas nights, this may be a great gift.


RC Spy Gadget ATV

This RC Spy Gadget is half tank half ATV and consists of a camera to spy on your kids or for the children to spy on the parents. It moves as expected but also has a 360 degreee ability to easily scope the premises for anything out of the ordinary. You could be your own James Bond this Christmas with this Gadget ATV and find yours here.

Tiny RC Gadget Hovercraft

The Tiny Hovercraft RC Gadget is small Christmas Gadget that fits in the palm of your hand. Instead of flying like many of the others, it can float across your desk. Some would prefer having something that seems a little more ‘realistic’. More info is on the Page.

World’s Smallest RC Gadget Helicopter

This is truly a tiny RC Gadget…and convenient. The actual remote control fits in your pocket, and the helicopter fits in the remote control perfectly. So with this great Christmas Toy, it is easy to take a gadget with you and roam the skies. Oh, and the bonus…it is only $24.99

Santa RC Helicopter Christmas Gadget

This Santa RC Gadget would be a Christmas Gift even Santa would love to own. Fly around and show the Christmas Spirit with Santa in the air. No need for Raindeers or a sleigh, this remote control gadget is a perfect fit. Santa hits the skies in a helicopter for only $15

RC Gadget Sportscar with Video Camera


Now for something with a little more punch: The RC Sportscar with a video camera. Big Kids or Small Adults would just love this Christmas Gadget under their tree. Too many cool features to list, so for more info you can visit the product page.

RC Gadget Star Wars R2-D2

This great RC Star Wars Gadget of R2-D2 is both cute and an amazing collectible Star Wars Toy. It is affordable (only $29.99), and an easy choice for Star Wars fans, for it combines both the great R2-D2 and a lightsaber to control it.

RC Ferrari Gadget

Ferrari makes some great toys such as the Ferrari Segway Scooter, Ferrari Art Engine, and we have also seen the Giant Ferrari Lego Model, but this version is a little more affordable and does not need any insurance or gas. Now you can truly own a Ferrari, but actually The Remote Controlled Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano.