Skype Video Facebook Application

Facebook has another Application that may interest the ones that find it difficult to find a date in real life. The Skype Facebook Application allows you to create not just a plain card but a video messaging card. The application even gives you the earth shaking power of sending these video messaging cards to all your friends or for a special person of your choice. This you could do, in just 3 easy steps. All you would need to do is choose a card cover, select the recipients, and then record your message.

Much like the Skype Laughter Chain or one of the applications we featured in the Stop Useless Facebook Applications, the Skype Video Cards are a little more interesting. Lately we heard about how Facebook is gaining popularity in the US and how insiders predict Facebook might move ahead of MySpace. Though many may find this application useful, there could be many others who find applications on a user’s page to be clutter-like.

If Facebook must really work towards trouncing MySpace, it just may have to avoid too many applications from being used. Though the choice of using or not using these apps lies with the user, it may just bore the ones that do not care about such applications. The risk would be, some may choose to use other social or professional networking sites.

Thanks Violette for the Tip.