Super Pii Pii Brothers for Nintendo Wii

When I first saw the Super Pii Pii Brothers for the Nintendo Wii, I didn’t know if to laugh, cry, or if I’m watching some sort of odd viral video.

The Nintendo Wii’s Super Pii Pii Brothers seems like a gift to men who always get blamed for peeing on the toilet seat, but the funny demo video below shows a woman playing the game. And she looks like she is having a lot of fun.

What is the Super Pii Pii? This is a funny Wii game which includes a Wii Harness for your Wiimote that you wear like a jock strap or a pair of underwear, allowing you to play this particular game. In this Nintendo Wii game, the target is to pee on the target toilets and characters. Yes, you heard right…to Pee. Huh? What? Why? I have no clue, but it is as simple as that.

Using the Wiimote, as it is strapped on the Wii Harness, you aim to the different toilets, trying to reach a higher score by the practice of your aim and hitting the allotted targets. Sounds unbelievable? Does it sounds a little more than strange? It is, but it also looks like a hell of a lot of fun on a drinking night with the friends.

You can find the Super Pii Pii Brothers for the Nintendo Wii at, which includes the Game and Wiimote harness. You can start to leave the seat down for a change.

Thanks Tamir for the Tip.

[Just to clarify…this is an April Fool’s Joke. Thanks Ryan for the Update]