Math Wristwatch is a Square Root Geek Gadget

What do you get when you take the Square Root of a Math Wristwatch? A perfect Geek Gadget of course.

There are some amazing Math Clocks that we have seen before, but none are actual wristwatches which allow you to flaunt your Geek Gadget everywhere you go. I mean, it isn’t everyday that you wear an analog watch and actually try to make your life harder reading out the time. This Square Root wristwatch attempts to make your life more difficult, but the bottom line is that we already know the allotted positions, so the equations aren’t difficult.

What does that mean? It means that this wristwatch is not to make life harder, but it is truly made to present your Geekiness to the world. Look at me…I have a Square Root Geek Watch!

Via: Coated