Rubik’s Cube Light Lamp

Rubik’s Cube Light Lamp is a Fun Gadget remake of the infamous Rubik’s Cube we all grew up on.

The Rubik’s Cube was a frustrating Toy in my childhood for all the colors and patterns it created but never being able to actually solve it. Within time, I learned a little bit (also due to solution books) that allowed me to both solve the actual Rubik’s Cube and transform it to a Fun Gadget that could really be appreciated for its ingenuity, sophistication and simplicity combined.

The Rubik’s Cube Light Lamp by Eric Pautz is another variation to add to the many before that grants additional utility with the light it shines from the many colorful patterns created. Similar to the Fentix Rubik’s Cube, the light truly shines. Other cool alternatives are the Rubik’s Cube Mirror that could really complicate things and also the Giant Rubik’s Cube Subwoofer DIY that is really impressive.

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