Space Invaders Doormat Home Gadget

“Back Off” LED Space Invaders Door Mat is just right for misanthropes and those don’t like human company all too often. It must get really annoying when you have friends and guests dropping at odd times and disturbing you to the point of screaming in agony. The “Back Off” Door Mat does what it requires to scare away these annoying people. This Mat features glowing images of dancing Space Invaders who perk up at any human movement nearby.

When a human comes near the door and steps on the doormat, the space invaders launch a manic dance attack which would scare any human worth his penny. Your potential unwanted guests will have the scare of their lives and will run away shuddering in fear. The Space Invaders doormat itself is stylish, sophisticated and easy to be used. It comes with motion detectors which sense any human movement nearby. With about 4 AAA batteries, you could get this doormat to do its job. The fact that this product comes from France tells a lot about it; the product inherits its French manufacturer’s disdain for unwanted guests.

However, the “Back Off” LED Invaders Door Mat is recommended for indoor usage and may not work when exposed to humidity and wetness. If you have been waiting expectantly for a vicious space invasion to take place, you might want to consider the Space Invaders Cutting Board and also the Space Invaders Art for your Patio. Just make sure you have the “Back Off” LED Invaders Door Mat at the door while you wait for the true space invasion to take place. The misanthropic device costs $39.99 at