Visual Impairment Software Development

The software translates the images a child sees on to a screen

Visual Impairment Software Development is a great new development in image translation that could help children with visual impairment by helping adapt to their needs.

This year Walyou brought you some nice things for visually handicapped persons like the iPhone Cases for the Blind or the Visual Impaired Cellphone Concept. Now its about a software which is released to assist visually challenging children. What actually sight sim does is that it measures a child’s eyes and translates the images onto a screen so that parents and teachers can easily gage the level of child’s vision and make appropriate changes to the environment around them.

The Team who made this excellent software had already won the Medical Futures Innovation Award in the ophthalmology category. Professor Gordon Dutton is the master mind for this innovative software who is working as a a pediatric ophthalmologist at the Royal Hospital for Sick Children in Glasgow.

Professor Dutton said Sight-Sim could be “life-changing for visually-impaired children. Eye care professionals spend a great deal of time and effort measuring vision and expressing it in numbers, and then send out letters to parents and teachers with information which they may not fully understand.”

“This software, whether on a computer screen at home, in a doctor’s clinic or in the classroom, can simply reveal what the child actually sees after the adult has inputted the measurements contained in the letter.

“At school a visually-impaired child can take longer to complete exercises and homework and that leads to them staying behind to catch up.”

In my view this software is really a boom to those children’s who struggle to read our small letters and diagrams on the board.