Walyou’s New Gadget: Introducing Wibiya

With our growing readers and visits, Walyou has decided to add a fun New Gadget to our site. This new addition is the Wibiya Toolbar that is available on every single page of Walyou. It does not require any installation on your part, but is available for your use and leisure.

Wibiya is a web-based toolbar that enables us to integrate different Widgets, Fun Gadgets and Retro Games within Walyou, hopefully to provide our readers a better time while browsing at our site. The various applications we have added have been included in the hopes that you would need to search less and find relevant and fun content no matter what page of Walyou you have landed on.

In order to assist visitors with the Wibiya toolbar at the bottom of the page, we are including a short Legend of the different applications and their utility. Since this is brand new for us, we are certain there may be some technical bugs and you may have some thoughts, ideas and feedback regarding the Wibiya new gadget addition to Walyou. For that, we welcome your thoughts and comments either at [email protected], by the use of the Wibiya Toolbar or you can simply let us know within a comment on this specific post.

We hope you enjoy Walyou’s new addition of Wibiya. If you do have a better time with it, please let others know. If you do not, please let us know.

Left Side Icons:

Walyou Favicon: A click on our favicon will show you the entire list of the Wibiya applications we have installed on the toolbar in an organized and vertical display.

The Search Bar can be used normally to search within Walyou or Google.

Translate This Page grants you the ability to translate the current page into any of the following languages: Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Spanish, and Swedish.

Walyou Tag Cloud – check and see what other words are popular on Walyou to better find posts that interest you.

Recent Posts – This provides you a list (with images) of our post beginning at most recent and gomost recent posts, which you may scroll through quickly finding something that interests you.

Random Post – if you are not sure what you are looking for and want to read something random from our entire archives, a click on this icon will bring something fun for you.

Walyou Music Player – While browsing through Walyou, you can turn on the music player and listening to the included library. We hope you like the music selection.

Play Space Invaders Game – The old Retro Space Invaders game is provided for your pleasure, so you can have a nostalgic moment and some fun.

Play Frogger Game – Just like above, but now you can help the good ol’ frog pass the street and the swamp to get home.

Right Side Icons:

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