Retro Cassette Tape USB Hub

The Retro Cassette Tape USB Hub is a 4 port high speed hub which comes with USB 2.0. It is a great fun gadget which reminds us of the days when we listened to Blondie and Berlin on those innocent looking tapes. Those were the days when disco found its breather in tapes as that made music portable for the first time. If we fast forward that to the 2000s, the tape has long been gone and so has its successor, the compact disc.

In an environment where everything runs on digital files transferred by Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, the tape is virtually an antique that needs to be cherished in our aging minds. The USB 2.0 Cassette hub could be described as homage to the tape and boy, does it look good! You could choose between colors such as pink, black and white (clear).

However, do not expect the tape to play or rewind but will definitely allow you to get more addicted to your PC. Perhaps, with advancing technology, we shall soon see the USB hub itself becoming an antique cherished and coveted by future retro lovers.

If you are still looking for retro products or fun gadgets that are invariable associated with cassettes and tapes, try checking out the Retro iPod Walkman or learn How to Make a Cassette Tape Closet to hide your geeky goodies. In fact the VHS USB Hub must interest you more than anything else if you are one of those nostalgic types. The Cassette Tape USB Hub costs £10.99 and is quite affordable. Moreover, who would worry about money when it comes to buying products that are as cool as this!

Via: DesignBoom