Weird Cellphone Gun from Nokia

The Cellphone Gun concept by Nokia is one of the many designs that are lethal enough to make the patent office reject it right away. However, that is exactly what makes the design so cool and smart. The gun packs in a Nokia cellphone and you may wonder where the holy cool gadget might come to use.

Well, there are could be many instances in which you would need a cellphone, and a gun. Take for instance a chance encounter with a cold blooded psychopath who wouldn’t have anything less than a knife up your spinal cord. You could either call up 911 immediately or if the situation gets worse, you could immediately fire away and make the adorable psychopath bleed, in the legs mind you.

The Cellphone Gun might come to use if you decide to bid goodbye to everyone around you after deciding the existential angst is too much to handle. Well, I am not exactly impressed with the idea of the product being launched commercially but it sure will help law enforcement officials and the military and reduce their baggage.

If you share my opinion about the negative effects of a cellphone that doubles up as a phone, you could perhaps check out some of the Futuristic Cellphone Designs. Otherwise, you could wait till the Cellphone Jammer Key is launched so that you can block your teenaged kid from using the cellphone while on the wheels. All these designs make me wonder if human imagination and creativity is a blessing or a sign of our own built-in mechanisms for our eventual extinction.

Via: SlipperyBrick