Walyou Weekly Post Roundup 3

With Christmas and Hanukkah right behind us, and the new year only a few days away, this last week has more than a few fun posts on the Blogosphere. There have been some weird concepts, a great lamp design made of money, a rocket powered sled, how Microsoft stole the Xbox 360 name, and other cool stuff and fun gadgets.

Besides featuring posts on our site, we also use these Roundups to provide links to different friends and posts that we haven’t found the time or place for them. For that, we encourage more and more to send us your tips to [email protected], so they would hopefully make it in these posts.

Without further rambling, here is the third Walyou Post Roundup. We hope you enjoy it!

Super Mario Brothers Theme on Oud

Rocket Powered Sled

Kurrency: A Lamp Made out of Dollar Bills

Soda Cup Phone

8 Ideas for a Geeky Hanukkah

Did You Know that Microsoft Stole the Xbox 360 Name from Sony?

Has Edwin Wurm’s Art Gained Weight?

iPhone Nano?

Bizarre Greeting Cards for all Occasions

William Laskin’s Guitar Inlays