Millenium Falcon Star Wars Toy

The Star Wars Millenium Falcon toy is described to be the ‘biggest and bestest’ Millenium Falcon/Star Wars toy ever.

This is a truly fun toy indeed! This ship has it all -even the music sequences from the original movie. And you can recreate any scene in the movie inside the Millenium because it has lots of room. Even the engine on this ship fails momentarily as it would on Han Solo’s flight.

This Star Wars toy is technically coined the ‘Legacy Edition.’ Why? Because your source of Star Wars knowledge is something that you would want to share with your offspring – just like your property, inheritance, and precious metals. And of course, they should be instructed to do the same, when it’s time to pass the ‘Legacy’ of Star Wars on to the next generation of fighters.

By the way, if you’re thinking of getting one of these, it goes for $149.99 on

These are some of the specs on the Falcon:

Over 30 movie accurate sounds/dialogue snippets and tons of lighting effects
Light-up headlights and loads of electronic vehicle and weapon sounds
Opening, light-up cockpit can fit up to 4 figures (entire ship can hold up to 18 figures – not included)
Removable outer panels to access the ship’s interior
Secret smuggling compartments to hide from Stormtroopers
Boarding ramp with auto-opening action, deployment sounds, and landing lights
Pivoting gunner station (actually pivots top laser cannon too!)
Light-up hyperdrive and authentic movie phrases and sounds
Rotating laser turret fires 2 missiles and makes weapon sounds (also features a 3-missle launcher with sounds and a cannon that launches a “laser” missile)
Missile-firing mini-fighter fits inside an opening docking bay that makes boarding and flight sounds
Pivoting training probe makes lightsaber and movement sounds
Illuminated dejarik table with holo monsters (and, of course, sound effects)
Includes: unassembled vehicle, 7 projectiles, mini-fighter vehicle, 2 figures (Han and Chewie), sticker sheet, and instruction sheet
Batteries: 3 AA (not included)
Dimensions: approx: 31″ x 22″ x 9″

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Source: GeekyToys