Bird Lamp Design

Bird Lamp Design by Hung Ming Chen from the Hommin Studio in Sweden is an interesting design that would make an ornithologist wonder if he learned all the species of our feathered friends by heart. The design combines sculpture and ornament to create a lamp that is unique, sophisticated and uber-cool. Perhaps your snobbish uptown friends would no longer look down upon you and your tasteless plain electric bulbs. The Bird Pendant Light or the Bird Lamp can be wiped clean easily and adds to the modernist decor of your living room.

Most of us are suckers for cool gadgets that have some animal imagery in them. Man will never cease to admire the forms of life around him and the new gadgets & products he creates reflect this fascination towards the fauna of the world. This I say because, you would certainly be interested in the Elephant Lamp and the Dog Light Concept as well, if you liked the Bird Lamp.

This unique combination of animal imagery and modern technology has driven designers to create products that reveal a lot about the delicate relationship between man and animals. The Penguin Air Purifier gadget perhaps suggests the fragile nature of ecosystems and man’s contribution to its damage. The Bird Lamp however speaks for itself and is stark, simple and shockingly minimalist. At about $50, the Bird Lamp isn’t such a bad deal after all!

Chen Hung-Ming Via: NerdApproved