Fake Security Cam Deters Thieves

The Fake Security Cam is a cool gadgets that perhaps may deter thieves.

The Fake Security Cam could just be the answer to your worries about the house being mugged. Lately, the crime rates have increased many folds thanks to the recession and rising unemployment. In such a case there would not only be many thieves and trespassers but also, you would have less money to spend on security.

With the Fake Security Camera, you would not have to install elaborate security measures nor would you have to spend a fortune to make yourself feel safer at home. This dummy surveillance cam could also deter trespassers from entering your house if you are away on a vacation. It looks absolutely like a real security camera and even flashes red LED lights to create an aura of real surveillance.

It comes with authentic weatherproof, video cables and even has anodized aluminum housing. The lens looks so real that a thief might start to pose, if he has lost his mind. The Fake Camera is small and easy to manage and can be installed easily. The gadget comes with a warning decal and mounting hardware is included. At $29.99, the Dummy Surveillance Camera is an excellent way to protect your house by spending less and fooling thieves.

Meanwhile, you could also try the Anti Theft TV, Anti Burglar Car Stereo or even the great collection of Cool Spy Gadgets. The former would make you notorious among burglars for being a nasty ‘victim’ if you can be called that.

Via: SkyMall