Electric Bike Design

The concept of Electric bikes and cars has fast traveled the journey between the primitive low-functionality prototypes to present extra-engineered retail units. Folding bikes aren’t a bizarre concept anymore; it’s just what extra frills the designer has to offer. Truong Minh Nhat, a Saigon student designed Capella, the lightweight electric bike. The foldable structure is compact and intends to equip the user to battle away with the daily traffic issues. Where finding space in concrete jungles on cities is next to finding treasure, this bike can be folded into an easy-to-carry structure. The bike has its wheels, chain and chain-ring bolt folded into the body. The bike can vroom with a speed 30 kilometers per hour with a battery that will provide juice for 12 kilometers on a single charge. The industrial design student has well taken care of the style department and looks forward to reduce the weight of the bike to 10 kilograms. The intellectual property guys have also showed the green signal to this foldable bike. Short distance travel will surely become more green and stylish with such bikes.

Via Core77