Geeky Alarm Clock Smash Gadget

Matthias has designed the funny but functional Geek Gadget ‘Smash’, which is an alarm clock that ‘shuts up’ when you smash it on the top. It is not just a few who would love to be able to take a certain vengeance on alarm clocks that have nearly become indispensable yet annoying. Who would like to seek the assistance of a screaming machine every morning in order to be waken up anyway!

It is not only annoying but it is almost torturous to be woken up by an alarm clock that refuses to stay until you wake up and manually switch it off by unwinding. Instead, the Smash allows you to punch the clock head on, without any mercy and feel energized in the process. The Smash in fact calculates the daily usage of the clock by studying the degree of deformation that occurs on the top of its surface when you punch it very hard.

All you would need to make the new alarm clock gadget to shut up is to punch it hard on the top and the deformation that occurs shall stay on the lock forever and will be a part of your alarm clock forever. In fact, you shall have the pleasure of glossing over the win you had over the breed of alarm clocks, which have almost become a menace in the modern society, for people are so dependent on these unassuming new gadgets.

If this isn’t all that appealing to you, you could check out the Silence Wireless Alarm Clock which wakes you up without making any noise. If you need a little action, you could choose to buy the Police Siren Alarm Clock. Meanwhile, it is not known when the Smash will be available in the market and how much it would cost.

Via: Hometone