Walyou USB Gadgets Thalbach Giveaway Winners

Happy New Year from Walyou and what better way to begin than to announce the winners of the Walyou USB Gadgets Givaway.

Last month we have ran a great post in collaboration with Thalbach Design Manufaktur giving away 4 Designer Wood USB Flash Drives to some lucky readers. Thalbach creates beautiful USB flash drives that are handcrafted from different woods, such as Ashwood, Rosewood, Walnut or Vavona Burl. The giveaway consisted of the user’s selection of their wood choice of a 2GB Disk On Key in case they win.

Provided are the screenshots of the random drawing for the four winners and at which location in the comments they were at. We hope this giveaway was a fun one for our readers, and if anyone is interested in sponsoring a future giveaway, please email us at [email protected].

Currently there are two confirmed winners of the four listed.

The four Winners of the Walyou Thalbach Giveaway (along with their comments) are:

Raymond: Thank you for the contest, If i will be selected, I would like the RoseWood Please

Kal: (subscribed anyway) but is this open to Europeans (seeing as Thalbach are based in Bavaria)? If so, I would love the rosewood, please!

Jim Kelly: Thanks for the chance at a free flashdrive, I’m a fan of Burl Wood myself. Thanks again!

MOin: great prize these usb sticks are so beautiful and one of its kind to have. i love USB stick in Palisander wood.

Thank you again for participating and please visit us frequently for upcoming giveaways.