Steampunk Electric Monopoly DIY

If you are a Monopoly fan, then you would love this Steampunk Electric Monopoly DIY that combines Steampunk Art, Electronics, and the popular Monopoly Board Game.

I grew up on Monopoly and love seeing different variations and styles of this particular board game, such as the Nintendo Monopoly Board that brings our favorite characters to earth. In addition, there was also the Electric Monopoly Set to make keeping tabs of money and real-estate a little easier. Either of these are great remakes, but this Steampunk Monopoly gives a little more inspiration.

This new DIY Monopoly creation added a few more artifacts to the wonderful board game such as a water tower designated for the water company, ray gun for the chance cards, a steampunk train for the train stations, and also hooked up some switches to trigger when specific places are landed on. This new creation adds a little extra flavor to the game we grew up on with some additional setting and interactivity on behalf of the board game.

Via: Instructables