Dog Treadmill Pet Gadget Keeps Your Dog Healthy

Probably the Robotic Dog pet gadget will not need any form of work-out, you just got to twist and turn its bolts once in a while and it will be hale and hearty again. Since a mechanical pet is definitely not in the ambit of our emotional needs, let’s talk about something that will keep our real dogs in the best of their health – a Dog Treadmill Pet Gadget. The Canine Treadmill promises to render an efficient exercise regime for your dogs. About 45 minutes of sweating out on the treadmill wouldn’t pull down the energy levels of your dogs. Simple controls afford options to change the speed, distance and inclination to suit your dog’s needs. The guys at Hammacher build stuff with intelligence too, and you have an option of 3 different sizes to choose from. Taking care of your pets is no easy feat and this is evident from the price of this treadmill that starts from $550 and goes onto $900 for Small, Medium and Large Dogs…respectively.

Via BornRich