USB Gadget Condom

This USB Gadget Condom is intended for the digital transfer of information rather then any sexual transfer.

With all the different USB Gadgets Flash Drives available, this one by Ko Yang is both unique in its look and the association it provides. It can be easily taken in your pocket like the Coin USB Drive, but has its own sexual connotation like the Sperm USB Drive.

Besides its design, the USB Gadget Condom also has virus detection, hoping to keep any undetected computer diseases away. When a file transfer detects a hazardous file, it will shut off the transfer, thereby keeping your desktop or laptop virus free.

I think the idea had to pop up sooner than later. With the entire USB gadget world making different new items for every theme, subject and idea, a Condom USB gadget seems well fitting. I mean, it is something we could definitely see on MTV.

Via: YankoDesign