Donkey Kong Quilt Resurrects old Video Games

A beautiful Donkey Kong Quilt that brings us back to the old video game from the past with some of our favorite video game characters.

A great reincarnation of the old Donkey Kong game was done as a beautiful artistic video game quilt that brings back old memories and many gaming sessions. As previously created with the Space Invaders Stitch, this creation also is a fun design that I wouldn’t mind having around the house. I mean, who can deny the power of Donkey Kong or Mario Brothers?

This fun Donkey Kong Quilt from Carolina Patchworks measures at 64 square inches and shows the old friends in a larger scale: Donkey Kong, good ol’ Mario and the beautiful princess.

Last time we saw Donkey Kong resurrected in an art project was in the Real World Nintendo, where someone superimposed old classic Video Games with real life background. Still, this quilt seems like more of a hands on project that would be a lot more fun to hang around the home, or during a gaming session.

Via: Geeky-Gadgets