Theater of the Mind of Ludacris in HDS: Music News

Ludacris is releasing his upcoming album Theater of the Mind in High Definition Surround (HDS).

Although it may be odd to think of a rap album or any album coming out in HDS Sound, Ludacris is more than optimistic and happy about this decision for Theater of the Mind. For this upcoming album, which should be released next month, Ludacris has teamed up with High Tech to provide a variety of instrumentation possibilities without it becoming cluttered noise.

Basically, Ludacris sees this as organized noise, allowing a lot of different sounds and abilities to be combined without making a mess of things. On one of the upcoming singles for Theater of the Mind, “I Know What Them Girls Like”, some talking precedes the track and sounds as if the listeners are in the midst of a conversation within an ongoing party.

By putting together Rap, different instrumentation and Tech with a HDS DVD, many more possibilities are available, and Ludacris is hoping it will be successful…thus allowing for future albums to be released as so as well.

You can watch the interview and behind the scenes with Ludacris, talking of the upcoming Theater of the Mind at the link below and also go out and try it out yourself when it is released soon.

Via: Switched Images: Timothy Hampson