Xbox 360 Atari Controller Mod

We love the Xbox 360 mods, we loved the Atari game console, and this controller mod combining both is another wonderful creation.

Created by the great modder Ben Heck, this new Xbox 360 Controller is built inside of an old Atari game console controller. The idea and creativity is apparent, but I fairly certain the practicality was thrown out the window. Yes, all the right buttons were added, and the desire is truly there, but how the heck (no pun intended) will gamers actually be able to play it right?

After getting used to the analog stick, the buttons at the certain spots, and simple the handle of the Xbox 360 controller as is, how will someone even know how to hold this new Xbox 360 Atari Controller mod in there hands usefully. Still, props to the maker and the creativity, but this thing will end up either mounted on a wall or lay in the game closet next to other ‘cool’ mods that cannot necessarily be used.

It reminds me of the Xbox 360 Car which may look extremely awesome, but isn’t as useful as someone may think. Other mods by Ben Heck like the PS3 Laptop Mod is extremely practical, although a tad heavier than wished. Another cool gaming mod made by Sifus, a Ben Heck follower, is of a Portable N64…that one is also amazing.

Via: BenHeck