Geeky Gear Clock Gadget

The Geeky Gear Clock Gadget reminds me of my fascination with the old gear wristwatches. As a child, I used to always find some that are either broken (or close to it), so I can take them apart, look at all the cool gears and figure out what makes the clocks tick.

Unfortunately, this little habit did not last too long, and I never really learned much about clock, gears, or repairing any new gadgets, but I still think they look amazingly great. Same with this geeky gear clock.

This Gear clock gadget is a nice addition to your home that shows the inner-workings, besides providing the time display. It is another product that is both practical for time and adds a little style with its look and feel.

It may not allow you to take your aggression out like the Smash Alarm Clock, or be as sophisticated as the Math Clock, but it is still not as odd as the Blur Time Clock.

Via: Toxiferous

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