Investigating Robotic Camera

If you ever wanted to explore a place where you couldn’t get into easily, you may perhaps want to try using the Holio by Cannibal Robotics. Holio is a Investigating Robotic Camera, which assists you in investigating mysterious and hard to reach places.

Imagine there is a hole in the garden, which you want to explore badly, but can’t fit your fat rear inside it to explore further. You never know, you may just be missing a treasure hidden inside or a secret path to a netherworld. If you would love to explore such unknown and curiously mysterious holes and tiny passages, the Holio robot camera will definitely come to your rescue.

Holio consists of a camera and a tilt and of course, a tether cable thanks to which you can either guide Holio deeper in search or retrieve it out. The Holio runs on 4 servo motors which help the robot move further, and the robotic device brings back video from the place sent to and you can thus see for yourself what lies within.

If the Holio Robotic Camera Investigator does not satisfy you, you could try the Scary Cleaning Robot, which would definitely send a shiver down your spine. Alternatively, get the Firefighting Snake Robot if you don’t trust tardy firemen. Robots certainly will change the way we view mysterious things around us.

Via: HackedGadgets