Pee Charging Batteries are Definite Green Gadgets

With global economy meltdown, it might be a sensible assumption that ideas that help in saving money and reduce living cost will be welcomed. The NoPoPo Batteries too thought on similar lines, and the AA batteries look forward to your pee for their daily source of energy. I think this is one of the Hi tech concepts and green gadgets that add to the self-worth of pee and shifts its resting place from toilet pots to batteries. The image depicts a pipette as means to fill in the battery.

No word on as to how you achieve this Herculean task of filling up the pipette. A mixture of magnesium and carbon inside the battery would react with the liquid to churn out power up to 500 mAh. Well, it isn’t as promising as the concept initially looked. We have earlier spilled the beans on USBCELL rechargeable batteries and a 12 volt battery Hack which ranks higher than NoPoPo batteries in the utility department.

Via CraziestGadgets