Electric Cigar Gadget

The Electric Cigar Gadget could be the answer you have been searching for all these months after the governments decided to ban smoking in public places. The whole world is after smokers these days, and it definitely is annoying to be not able to smoke at a pub or a bar, for alcohol always goes hand in hand with cigars and cigarettes.

With this new gadget, the Electronic Cigar, you can create the same tactile sensation you would get when you smoke a real cigar or cigarette, sans smoke and harmful tar, carbon monoxide and other noxious substances.


In fact, the Electronic Cigar can be used anywhere for it only creates the illusion of smoke but would not affect those around you. You can continue to enjoy the high a cigarette gives you for the nicotine cartridges make sure the desired effect is not lost.

You could choose the intensity of nicotine in your cartridge and also pick a flavor you desire. It may soon become the alternative to tobacco and would definitely not be frowned upon by anyone. Meanwhile, you can also look at other ways of keeping the air pure, by trying for instance the Penguin Air Purifier.

Nevertheless, nicotine itself is quite bad for your health, so try not to depend too much on addictive substances.