Geeky Mac Jewelry

Geeky Mac Jewelry is making a great fashion item for the major Apple fans!

Looks like jewels, precious metals are soon going to lose their vitality when it comes to accessories. With discarded circuit boards getting a second life in form of Geek Necklaces and popular computer lingo impressed on such as the broken image pendants, the accessory segment is definitely game for more.

This time its Mac’s keyboard spares make up for classy rings. Creative Dexterity definitely stood true to their name with such dexterous Mac jewelry. The black pendant in steel-like chassis is definitely my personal favorite. I think the presence of Mac with snazzy black color is magnetic. The “I’m Mac” Line could be running low on saleable units, as suggested by guys at GeeksAreSexy, so you try getting your hands on these as soon as possible.