Blue Screen Of Death Prank Gadget

The Blue Screen of Death is a popular and extremely frustrating error that drives almost everyone crazy, so what better way to prank one than building your own BSOD fun gadget that can be implemented randomly or by a push of a button?

Some funny individual has created the bsodmizer, which is may be used to easily prank your friends with the infamous and terrible Blue Screen Of Death. It is explained how you can either build one of these yourself or even purchase an already made one for easy laughs.

These BSOD prank is utilized either periodically or by a push of a remote control, making you stir away from the crime scene and staying undetected.

Microsoft errors have plagued many so many times, so it is great to see something fun created out of them. Other cool ideas are the Windows Errors Music and also the funny Matrix Windows.

Via: HacNMod