Hamburger Bed Design: Vegetarian’s Worst Nightmare

What better way to go to sleep at night or simply hang out while watching TV then a deluxe or special hamburger bed…eh..actually it is a Chesseburger; I mean, this bed design truly looks comfortable and pampering.

One great thought came to mind is that it is always done to the right preference, the vegetables will never rot, and may give you a meaty satisfaction…hopefully saving you money on eating out.

While I heard of people being in love with their furniture and others saying they have the most comfortable bed, this Hamburger Bed has its own Facebook Page. You can become a fan of it, get inspired by its juiciness, vegetables or slice of cheese on top. I wonder if vegetarians will stir away from this bed design because of its theme, and if some religions stir away because of the cheese slice with meat.

I love different food designs and few worth noting are the Nikon D700 Camera Cake, Lego Sushi, and also the Sushi USB Gadgets.

Via: Geekologie